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If you do not have a hair dryer, or perhaps, explain to others why you are blow-drying your crotch! Put on your bikini bottoms and check yourself out, then get back in the shower and shave any parts you might have missed. How to Shave Your Bikini Line You have many options available for removing the hair in your bikini area, but shaving is the most popular. If the skin gets dry or flaky, it will feel uncomfortable and irritated. Apply a moisturizer all over the area you shaved, and keep the area moisturized for at least a few days after shaving. There are other measures you can take to prevent skin irritation.

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It will reduce inflammation and keep the area feeling fresh and cool.

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Take a look at yourself in the mirror and determine where you want the cutoff to be. Bikini-area hair tends to be a little coarser than other body hair, so it might be difficult to take it off with the type of razor that comes 10 to a pack. Dry the area thoroughly with a hairdryer set on medium or low.

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