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Don't forget a pillow under her hips, too! There are also some product suggestions to really help you both take things to the next level. One way to overcome bedroom anxiety is to take things out of the bedroom all together. But he can also be standing on the floor, with the woman in the bed, if this makes it easier. In the standard pretzel position, she lies on her right side. If you're carrying around a few extra pounds, you don't want to attempt the normal starfish — where the woman lays flat on her stomach and the guy lays on top of her, and enters her while sprawled out on top.

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Sex Positions for Overweight People

However, one thing that has worked is 'the pretzel,' but with her on her side near the edge of the bed with me still straddling her leg as it partially hangs off. Megan Stubbs recommends giving your bed a break and taking your lovemaking out onto your much sturdier couch to get the deed done. You can also use a pillow to brace your partner's body so that there is less strain on their body.

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