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I loved the fact that the kids seeing the ship for the first time was shown in the movie. I'm due for a rewatch soon one of my favorites as a kid. In fact, it's quite clear they are murderers and the kids were all going to die. You've probably seen this, but in case you haven't. New insights from recent rewatch as an adult inspired by beating Goonies 2 on NES: Martha Plimpton is a national treasure. Forums Discussions Off-Topic Discussion.

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First off I didn't want to see it at the cinema, but then some friends told me I need to.

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Did Chunk bother consulting with his parents before inviting Sloth to live in their home? It was just on lol Would that Lou Gehrig card Mickey found be worth enough money to save the Goondocks? Jul 16, 1, 0 0 Tennessee.

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