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She proceeded to remove the costume from the Amazon, but left the tiara and earrings on her head and the bracelets on her wrists. There was something new under the sun after all! Soon she looked in the mirror and saw Diana's face looking back at her. The bag was set aside for the moment. It might be more fun catching criminals at that! Then Selina narrowed her new eyes - which were much keener!

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She babbled like an idiot under the influence of the magic lasso!

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Wonder Woman

The neck was tucked into the top of the catsuit, and for all anyone could see, this was Catwoman sitting at Wonder Woman's dressing table. The Cat's Lair, which is hidden in the hillside near the entrance to the Hattstill Chemical plant on the west side of Gotham. When you reopen them, your life as Catwoman is all set to start. They fitted the Amazon's slightly larger form very well, shaping the calves and thighs just as they normally did Selina's.

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