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You ever been around a person who only drink vodka? I was really doing too much I admit. Jack Daniels is my favorite drink because it's a man's drink. Every drunk night I had in college was because of vodka. That's just something I've learned to accept and realize if it's God's will then it will be done. Niggas been sleeping on Wine drunk for a while.

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You think wine is sweet and you drinking it like it ain't shit but then the room start spinning on yo goofy ass and it's game over.

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Sylvia. Age: 32.
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Three, if you're out with your significant other it will be the best night ever. I feel like Ron mothafucking Swanson when I drink it. I don't see why niggas don't like going to parties with they girl. She put on a performance of a lifetime I'm talking award winning and her parents would be embarrassed if they saw the shit she was doing and saying and despite all that I just couldn't stop fucking.

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