Crazy fun sex positions

crazy fun sex positions
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Why: This is the position of every steamy romance movie Your partner enters you from a kneeling position. See how long you can last or ask your partner to take part in the fun. Make It Hotter: Ask your partner to start rocking you in a side-to-side or up-and-down motion. Why: This sex position creates a snug fit, so your partner's penis will seem even larger. Insert one or two fingers deeply into your vagina. Now straddle his waist, feet on the bed.

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Make It Hotter: Instead of letting your partner do all the work, try thrusting your hips slightly to match the tempo.

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This Is What Your Sex-Position Bucket List Should Look Like

Do It: While you lie on your back, raise your right leg so he can position himself between your legs at a degree angle and enter you. Make It Hotter: Have him push you up against a wall—very carefully. Definitely not one of them. Why: This move is great for women who find direct clitoral pressure too intense for prolonged stimulation.

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