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World Championship Wrestling utilized the term "Raven's rules" for hardcore matches involving the wrestler Raven. A bra and panties match is so named because it takes place between any number of female competitors , with the winner being the first to strip her opponent down to her bra and panties. Victory can be attained by pinfall or submission. Once a wrestler has escaped the first cage, he must climb over and out of the second cage, with the first wrestler having both of their feet touch the arena floor is the winner of the match. In a first blood match is a no-disqualification match in which the first wrestler to bleed loses the match. After the last wrestler enters, there is a predetermined time limit. The flag match is essentially the professional wrestling version of capture the flag.

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A winner takes all match is a match in which both wrestlers or teams if a tag team match are champions going into the match, and the winner receives the championship of the loser, thus "taking all".

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Raven rule 34

In many promotions, there are typically no distinctions between the two terms. In fact, there have only been five to this date in the WWE, all of which have involved Kane. Variations are the four-way match known as a fatal four-way in WWE , the five-way match or the six-way match, involving four, five or six wrestlers, respectively.

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