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Harley has always been beloved, but her meteoric rise in the past five years is truly astonishing. She was leading around a grown man dressed as a cop or a prison guard—presumably her father—on a leash. The fact that it wound up actually being an incoherent whodunnit is beside the point. Is Harley the victim of a twisted romance gone wrong, like we saw in Mad Love? In Breaking Glass , Harley is a sunshiney kid with an unfortunate tendency towards violent mayhem; she is at worst slightly manipulated by the Joker but certainly not abused by him.

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Evangeline. Age: 25.
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Is she a Jewish, bisexual, mentally ill woman reclaiming her life from an abusive ex, or is she just a good opportunity for page after page of funny, vaguely kinky cheesecake?

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Jazlynn. Age: 21.
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The winner would have their art appear in the final issue. So what are the essential elements that make Harley Quinn Harley? Can she be unflinchingly sadistic, or does she require a heart of gold? Her world domination is a triumph for every teenage girl who read Mad Love 25 years ago and saw herself on the page.

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