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Skip to content. Femoral anteversion is an inward twisting of the thigh bone, also known as the femur the bone that is located between the hip and the knee. Femoral anteversion causes the child's knees and feet to turn inward, or have what is also known as a "pigeon-toed" appearance.

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Femoral neck anteversion FNA describes the normal torsion or twist present in the femur. Femoral neck anteversion is defined as the angle between an imaginary transverse line that runs medially to laterally through the knee joint and an imaginary transverse line passing through the center of the femoral head and neck Fig. Some researchers 3 — 8 suggest that FNA angles outside this to degree average are a contributing factor in many different orthopedic problems in the lower extremity that are commonly seen by physical therapists.

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Read more. Read clinical updates and the latest insights from Boston Children's specialists. Learn more.

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Sheinberg, D. Femoral retroversion is a positional deformity caused by contracture of the external rotator muscles of the hip. It becomes apparent as the child starts to stand or cruise between 6 and 9 months. Prognosis is generally poor for femoral retroversion.

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Femoral anteversion refers to the orientation of the femoral neck in relation to the femoral condyles at the level of the knee. In most cases, the femoral neck is oriented anteriorly as compared to the femoral condyles. In the case of posterior orientation, the term femoral retroversion is also applied.

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In-toeing and out-toeing rotational deformities are among the most common referrals for consultation with orthopedic specialists. Although a few number of patients need surgical interventions, most of them get better spontaneously without major complications in adult life. In this study, we investigated the prevalence of permanent gait deformities due to hip rotational disorders in a group of patients who underwent conservative treatments.

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For example, the normal uterus is typically slightly anteverted but in certain cases, it may be retroverted. For example, in the hip, the neck of the femur is anteverted slightly. An increase anteversion or retroversion can cause problems in the alignment and gait.

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Hip internal rotation is the twisting movement of your thigh inward from your hip joint. If you try this while standing, your foot should also turn so that your toes are pointing toward the rest of your body. You use your hip internal rotators to walk, run, squat, crouch, and crawl.

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The intent of this article is to shed some light on lower extremity joint coupling from femoral versions. I hope that it is easy enough for non-healthcare folks to understand, yet detailed enough for healthcare providers to reference. I am getting frustrated with patients coming into the clinic and telling me they received a gait analysis, or a bike fitting from someone with zero anatomy education but a self-perceived wealth of healthcare advice.

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Background and Purpose. Patellofemoral joint problems are the most common overuse injury of the lower extremity, and altered femoral or hip rotation may play a role in patellofemoral pain. The purpose of this case report is to describe the evaluation of and intervention for a patient with asymmetrical hip rotation and patellofemoral pain. Case Description.


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