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Make FireRescue1 your homepage. I am also gay and have been for over four decades. Now that I type that I am suddenly feeling really old.

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The remaining firefighters were given a written warning. Strathclyde Fire and Rescue said all nine would undergo diversity training. A spokesman said: "The nine now accept that they should have performed their duties.

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So what if this guy with outspoken views on fat people, transgender people, gay people, those on government assistance, and others — showed up at your emergency? Did his mandated diversity training not have any effect? Some of these are as recent as this past week while interacting with the community on social media.

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The Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal says the unidentified man was subject to "multiple incidents of traumatic events" while a firefighter for the Department of National Defence. The man, now in his 50s, was a military and civilian firefighter at the base. He filed his appeal with the tribunal in February after his initial claim was rejected. During a hearing last month, he testified that he endured insulting and humiliating comments, was threatened with physical assault, and on one occasion discovered that part of his protective equipment -- his breathing apparatus -- had been tampered with.

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Sign in. Find out what skill Diane Guerrero "exaggerated" to book her first major role and the actresses she gets mistaken for. Watch now.

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Earlier in the week we published a blog about a Dad from Rhode Island named Rob Kusher who posted pictures of two men who he claimed were photographing young girls in bathing suits at Lincoln Woods State Park. He tried to have them arrested but was shocked to find out that taking pictures in a public park is not against the law. Well, as it turns out the guys were completely innocent.

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Click through the slideshow to explore some of the most vibrant costumes and unique signs of SF's Pride Festival. Market Street transformed into a rainbow-colored celebration Sunday as 50, marchers — and about twice as many spectators — gathered for the 48th annual LGBT Pride Parade in San Francisco. Depending on where you were on the route, the gathering may have resembled a protest or a party.

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Thirty-one men and one woman died in what was then the largest mass killing of gay people in American history. The Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Fla. Long considered arson, the case remains unsolved; the prime suspect, who was never charged, committed suicide a year after the fire.

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It's becoming easier for openly gay people to live their lives in the United States, as people are more accepting of non-heterosexual orientations than ever before. Unfortunately, there are still people who give LGBTQ individuals a hard time for being gay, which is especially true for Scott Phillips-Gartner, an openly gay firefighter in Norfolk, Virginia, who was harassed at work and was ultimately made to take an early retirement, according to the Virginian Pilot. Phillips-Gartner had been working for the Norfolk Fire Squad since as a telecommunications officer and in the subsequent year became a firefighter.

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He and several other members were invited to a screening Monday by Universal Pictures, and they liked it so much, they endorsed it on their Web site fireflag. Vissichelli, who said his group has "a couple hundred" members, said that the movie only dealt with one comical side of coming out in the FDNY, but that the comedy actually does that accurately and with care. That's what usually happens when a gay firefighter comes out in real life.