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Dr Ram Manohar, 38, also put his hand down her bra while discussing how to perform chest X-rays, the jury was told. A second nurse alleges that he touched her between her legs after she went to him suffering from pins and needles and a headache. Earlier, while she was in his room at Arrowe Park Hospital on the Wirral, Merseyside, she said she had asked for advice about her course studies on chest X-rays.

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Hard ass experinces for Lola. Russian Doctor Spank a bad Nurse. Spanking Punishment Day.

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As a kid I had to have a lot of penicillin shots in my backside because of recurring ear infections and strep throat infections. Needless to say, I wasn't enthusiastic about the shots, and more than once I remember both my parents and a couple of nurses having to hold me in position while the doctor gave me the shot. One time, when I was about ten or eleven and was throwing my usual fit, my dad had had enough.

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When I was 18 I had to check into an emergency room because of vomiting and terrible stomach cramps. After being rushed into a small room a husky, six-foot tall blonde nurse of about 30 strode in and glared at me. I had been drinking since noon, but I was three years too young to drink so I said, "No.

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Here are a few samples of apparently real women from all over the world who are still seeking domestic guidance. Candy wrote: I am 21 and still get it from my parents for coming in late and sometimes talking back, it is mostly on the bare butt but I also get it nude too, They tell me that as long as i live in their house I will go by their rules, and since I am going to tech school i hardly can afford to move out at this point, it is really embarassing sometimes when i have to get it nude and my dad and little brother are there to see, I am sure my brother gets a eyefull if you know what I mean Kay wrote: I was spanked by both my parents until I moved out of their home at age I believe in spanking and use this method on my daughters.

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It was a fun, once in a lifetime thing to do. The food wasn't bad, we ended up splitting their single patty burgers. No one in our party wanted a whoopin'.

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Elizabeth private hospital is a hospital where the nurses and trainees know very well what a sore well spanked bottom feels like. The nurses have to wear a white and red sexy uniform which is short so their bottoms can bared quickly when correction is required. Below are all the episodes from St.

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Uh Oh! She's been bad, and she's going to get spanked on her bare bottom! When Amy got married, she knew she and her new husband would eventually get kinky.

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Non in Italia? Scegli la libreria del tuo Paese per vedere i libri disponibili per l'acquisto. Stacy, the cute new nurse at the doctor's office, just couldn't stop messing up, making the doctor very annoyed.

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The bark is worse than the bite, and it's all part of the scene and the fun of the place. However, you don't have to get spanked if you don't want to, and nobody other than perhaps the friends you went there with will give you a hard time over your reluctance. It depends. My daughter hardly ate any of her hamburger and no one said or did anything.


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