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I don't think there is anything more horribly formulaic than this pansy ass, factory sounding bubblegum pop with a goddamn John Deere varnish slapped on it. College Basketball Rankings - Week Now, it's like someone ran an algorithm to find "country sounding phrases" and put them to a pop single, drop a George Jones may he RIP line in and they are gold. For pete's sake, with names like Dierks Brantleigh as egregious as any Skronquavious Shaniquanetta it's as if they jammed every ounce of backwoods bamasippi stereotype into a horse needle and gave some boy band reject a denim makeover with an ironically unironic straw cowboy hat. Also I agree with everything you said about today's "country" music. An insult to the greats that came before them.

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Leighton. Age: 23.
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Happened to be in a generic bar in a generic place tonight and really listened to what is playing on the radio now.

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Alexia. Age: 32.
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That explosion gif is wonderful. If you want to cry about music going to shite just listen to some of today's rock music Who could choose this Apparently someone already took every stupid thing I said and made it into a hit country song When there is this!?

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