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So the Dark Shogun is up to no good. Anonymous September 2, at PM. On this my standard analogy is that of a game such as chess. In the East , men are culturally devoid of phsysical contact when compared to their western counterparts. Sex , as a way of dominance is purely western view. A spy for the Tokugawa shogunate poisoned him and promised him the antidote only if he helped the spy against the Dark Shogun.

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Ninja Scroll is breathtaking and not easily forgotten

Perhaps one day western animators will be taken seriously and allowed to produced art instead of shallow marketing vehicles. I don't get it that why don't you get that the govt official would talk and indulge in sex at the same time. We see sex in almost every single one of our adds, violence is something common in our media too, but it's rare to see films as gruesome or sexually abusive as certain Japanese films.

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