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Header Search. Navbar Search. Product Description You might think posting this sign isn't necesssary, but sadly it often is.

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Been there done that. It was not fun at all. Now he will not go to the bathroom, unless I keep on at him to go and that is hard because when I finally get him in the bathroom it is very hard to get him to get up and come out.

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The woman is seen relieving herself on the flight from London Luton to Warsaw while complaining that she was not allowed to use the toilet during take off. According to reports, the plane was fuelling up and passengers were temporarily forbidden from using the loo. In the shocking footage, the young woman is seen squatting against a wall while chatting with a friend on the phone.

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You're in that place between dreams and reality. You hear the sound of a babbling stream as you drift off. But wait! There are no rivers in your house!

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It all started 12 years ago when we first added this dormer to our second story to create a new bathroom. This bathroom was used by 3 of us when we first moved in and then by 5 of us each morning before we built on our master bedroom addition. From the get go we had problems with the toilet.

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Pee on the floor in the bathroom! This gets me thinking and I go one step further what was I thinking??? AGH--yes, it has been a rough year.

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Originally posted by jackseunie. Originally posted by mjbm. Originally posted by prince-m-tuan.

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I cringe talking about this topic, even though I do talk about potty training tips often! It can cause stinky bathrooms and make keeping the bathroom clean an undesirable task. To hopefully help at least few moms overcome this struggle and not be fearful to walk into their bathroom with bare feet. I mean really.

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Use this easy-to-read Restroom Etiquette sign to make your Restrooms message clear to employees and visitors. It is available in 6 sizes to meet your needs. Customer Quotes.

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In Germany, a sensible country that is known for its cleanliness, a judge ruled that a tenant can pee all over his apartment floor without worrying about the wrath of his landlord or the damage his acidic urine may cause to the floor. According to the Guardiana German landlord kept part of his tenant's security deposit because the dude had "allegedly damaged the marble floor of a toilet by sprinkling it with urine. And how long does urine have to sit on a marble floor to eat through the material?


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