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Society has told us that foreskins are basically ticking time bombs of infections and problems. We bravely overcame those lies, and kept our sons intact; but then we started to hear about things that actually might be concerns for our intact sons. Your Whole Baby directors have asked these same questions, and we have researched and compiled some answers!

Most of the time I like it pointing directly into the fabric. This makes my penis look even smaller but I love the way the head of my penis is highlighted and completely visible at all times. The shape and size of the head can clearly be seen even if I am completely soft.

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Genital injury can occur at any age of life but is most common in the pediatric population. Hair-tourniquets and circumcision procedures are the most common causes of penile injury in children. Foreskin trauma, aside from zipper related injuries, is sparsely reported.

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Sweaty, tight clothing on the lower half could lead to men developing balanitis, which is inflammation of the penis head. Symptoms include a sore, itchy and smelly penis, redness and swelling, build-up of thick fluid and pain when peeing. The condition is normally easily treated with good hygiene, and recommended creams and ointments.

Summertime is great, right? You and your pals hop into a roof-down convertible, you blast Vanessa Carlton and you head to the beach. Out come some towels, some secret booze, and all the lotions.

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In the hopes of saving men embarrassment when on the beach or by the pool, PornHub has launched a limited edition pair of swimming trunks. While the trunks are likely to be seen as a bit of fun, they could help many men who experience random erections. This is entirely normal and may indicate healthy sexual functioning.

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