Tight leotard

tight leotard
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Leotard-like garments often of the "biketard" or singlet type are also often worn by men in sports such as rowing, wrestling, cycling and running, to maintain a tight fit and stop the upper part of the clothing running up. Olympic gymnastics team leotards have dramatically changed from their first memorable designs. As a casual garment, a leotard can be worn with a belt; it can also be worn under overalls or short skirts. Female competition garments for gymnastics and skating are almost always long-sleeved, while male competition leotards may be sleeved or sleeveless, the latter more common in gymnastics, the former in figure skating. A variation is the unitard , which also covers the legs. In the s, traditionally-styled leotards continued to be worn mainly by stage performers and circus actors, but leotards began to be used as simple and functional exercise garments, often in institutional settings like schools and in fitness training. Stage use of the leotard typically coordinates the garment with stockings or tights.

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tight leotard

These leotards were produced in a variety of nylon and spandex materials, as well as the more traditional cotton previously used for uni-colored leotards and tights.

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Leotards are entered by stepping into the legs and pulling the sleeves over the shoulders. Any leotard that is somewhat see-through is also against the rules. By the mid s leotards had been almost completely replaced for exercise wear by the sports bra and shorts. By the late s leotards had become common both as exercise and street wear, popularized by the disco craze, and aerobics fashion craze of the time.

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