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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! Okay, I'll say it: does season three of True Blood suck?

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Let me explain. Somewhere amid the chaos, Tara is trying to protect her bat-shit crazy mom, Lettie Mae. You can tell because, slow motion.

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Watching True Blood season 6 has been, er, well, hmmm, how does one put this politely I've been watching the series since the beginning, fascinated by the characters, their love stories, their abilities, the fact that most of them seem to be good "people" thrown into extraordinary circumstances. Now I feel like the show's getting a tad, shall we say, ho-hum?

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Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. True BloodHBO's supernatural orgy of ridiculousness, ends its seven-season run this summer.

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The deliriously mental True Blood has drawn to a close with a disappointingly sane finale. Being a cynical Brit, I was left demanding a body count and feeling awfully short changed by the cheap convenience of the ending. The show pulled off one final vampires-as-gay-rights allegory, with a powerful but indirect argument for gay marriage and Jason got the happy ending he deserved, surrounded by a whole troupe of daughters.

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True Blood was exactly the show vampire fans were crying out for — a southern gothic mystery with torrents of blood and sex. Although they both premiered in the True Blood vampires had a lot more bite than the anodyne, twinkling corpses of the Twilight universe. Beneath the campy eroticism and over-the-top fantasy there was more to True Blood than anyone expected.

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Ok, so let me start by saying i love True Blood since Season 1, freaking 7 years ago, thats a pretty long time, being that said im so dissapointed at this season, i mean it feels like im watching the last season of Buffy where all the writers run out of ideas, i mean the reason why tb was so good was beacuse you had all this world that nobody knew and it was fun exploring it tru the mistique of the show, once lilith and the tru origin of vampire was know there wasnt much left to explain to the viewers, and now it just feels sloppy, and from a amateur writer point of view, its a major fail for this season. Tara Dies, Anticlimatic way, You lost the opportunity to show the audience a great tv moment by showing the last minutes of Taras True death, and possibly the look on Pam face when she feels Tara Dies, WTF was that about. Alcide Dies

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While the 4th season of True Blood had a lot of "precious fairy vagina," and a few great Pam one-liners, it's time to call it what it was, a dud. When the big season finale pits a nightie-wearing ghost grandma against a year-old witch, you've got big trouble in Bon Temps. And don't even get us started on the were-panthers.

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With its many repeated plot points and an ever-increasing roster of supernatural beings, it doesn't seem to be aging as gracefully as its immortal vampires. But damn, it still makes me laugh with lines like this one from Lafayette Nelsan Ellis : "That was the sickest [bleep] I ever saw on TV. And I watch 'Dance Moms.

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We at Binge Central have been through a lot of series finales in our day. We know what a satisfying finale looks like, and how it feels to be completely let down as a show ends its run. Never has a show gone out of its way to alienate its audience in just about every regard right as it was ending. But no.


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