Vulva urethral muscle

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The physiological aging process in females accelerates after menopause, with changes occurring secondary to the cessation of estrogen production in the ovaries. While AV is a common problem, it is often overlooked. Pearson notes the importance of raising the awareness of all health care providers who care for women in their postmenopausal years regarding the considerable incidence of AV and the necessity of being proactive in questioning women about classic symptoms.

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The pelvic organs include the vaginauterusbladderurethraand rectum. These organs are held in place by muscles of the pelvic floor. Layers of connective tissue also give support.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation Vs. Pelvic Floor Reconstruction? A recent development in pelvic floor surgery is the advent of Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery.

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This muscular tube is the connection between the bladder and the external environment and plays a vital role in concious urinary continence. The layers of the walls of the urethra are largely similar to those of the urinary bladder apart from one significant difference; in both the male and the female the urethral submucosa has a network of veins which may contribute to continence by forming a kind of erectile tissue. The urethralis muscle runs the entire length of the urethra and forms the external urethral sphincter. Unlike the internal sphincter the external sphincter is composed of striated muscle fibres which are under the voluntary control of the somatic nervous system.

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Back to Urinary incontinence. Your doctor must also keep detailed records about the type of surgery they do, including any complications you get after you have had your surgery. You should be given a copy of this record.

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The perineal region is that part of the trunk below the pelvic diaphragm. It is diamond shaped and has the same boundaries as the pelvic outlet. It is divided into an anterior, urogenital triangle and a posterior, anal triangle.

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Vulvaplural vulvaethe external female genitalia that surround the opening to the vagina ; collectively these consist of the labia majora, the labia minora, clitoris, vestibule of the vagina, bulb of the vestibule, and the glands of Bartholin. All of these organs are located in front of the anus and below the mons pubis the pad of fatty tissue at the forward junction of the pelvic bones. The labia majora are two thick folds of skin running from the mons pubis to the anus.

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The organs of the pelvis — the area of the body between the hip bones — include the vagina, cervix, uterus, bladder, urethra, intestines, and rectum. These organs are held in place by a group of muscles and other tissue. When this support system becomes stretched or torn, it allows pelvic organs to slip out of their normal places or sag down prolapse.

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The male urethra consists of pelvic and penile components. The terminal ureter passes obliquely through the bladder wall. As intravesical pressure rises, tension in the bladder wall acts to close the intramural ureter and preclude urine reflux.


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