Ways to grill chicken breast

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Grilled chicken breasts can be the epitome of boring. Too often they're dried out or rubbery. We'd recommend no longer than 24 hours!

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My name is Olena Osipov. I'm a mom to 2 boys and a wife to Alex. And this is our healthy family recipes blog.

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This grilled chicken recipe is right back to the basics. The very basic. The elemental and absolutely essential.

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Want to feel fabulous this fall? We've got great deals on all of the fashionable and fresh items just for you! Grilled chicken gets a bad rap. Sometimes it's well deserved, like when a boneless, skinless chicken breast has been turned into something that's as flavorless and texturally similar to a wet towel

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Julie Christensen is a food writer, caterer, and mom-chef. She's the creator of MarmaladeMom. Chicken is a lean, versatile and inexpensive staple in many healthy diets that can be prepared in countless ways.

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Obviously, you want to avoid the latter at all costs. Try this method and savor the results. Want to cook up some healthier chicken tenders for the kids or, um, for yourself?

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This is the recipe that my friends and family still beg me to make when the grill is brought out. It's so easy and versatile, and can be tried on several different meats. I like it with scalloped potatoes, baked potatoes or rice pilaf.

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Grilled Chicken Breast is the perfect meal! This easy, healthy recipe produces tender and plump marinated chicken breasts that are grilled to golden perfection. Grilled Chicken is one of our favorite meals!

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Preheat the grill on high for minutes, then use your grill brush to scrape any previous remnants off your grates. Marinate the fully thawed chicken breasts. A clean and easy way to marinate the chicken is to place it in a large plastic zip top bag, add your marinade and make sure your entire chicken breast is covered.

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Chicken is a grocery store staple for a reason: It makes for a quick, easy, and family-friendly weeknight meal. Just because you lean on this healthy protein several nights a week doesn't mean that you have to settle for bland chicken breaststhighsdrumsticks, and so on. The next time you're looking to step up your dinner game, follow these grilled chicken recipes for a fresh, flavor-packed meal that won't cost you time, a lot of money, or most importantly, the stress of choosing the perfect dish that'll please the entire table. Don't blame us when your family starts begging you to make these delicious recipes week after week.


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