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With each episode, we notice the often-disparate day-to-day activities of these and other personified animals. Tapio and Kuehiko are working buddies, performing various odd jobs while balancing life as students at the same college. A woman he knows as Kirihime. Anthropomorphic characters in anime have been around for almost as long as the ones in western animation. In the spur of the moment, Kazuhito shields her from the attack and is killed instead. This series makes the list for featuring a furry fan favorite as a protagonist - Aisha Clanclan. Kemono Friends has a vast and intriguing cast of characters that contribute to an exciting storyline.

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Kumamiko Kumamiko: Girl Meets Bear.

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Top 10 Furry Anime Series [Updated Best Recommendations]

Aggressive Retsuko Aggretsuko. On its own, it's an exceptional show, and one of the few serious series that has an anthromorph as one of its main characters, putting it at the top of this list. Vowing to be the best, Rin notices fellow student Silence Suzuka, emulating her riding style and determined to be on her team.

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