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Sex can be confusing. This holds true regardless of your gender, and regardless of your sexuality. That said, women tend to feel more shame about their bodies.

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He has the body of a superhero, all muscle and no fat. He makes the world—especially the bedroom—a better place for everyone. A sex hacker, Kenneth says, finds simple, replicable tricks that boost sexual confidence, increase intimacy between partners, and add more pleasure to sex.

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Sex can and should be an enjoyable experience starting at foreplay and creating an intimate connection with the other person. Learning to enjoy the entire intercourse process and not just the finished product will make us more satisfied in our sexual relationships and overall in life. Understanding that sex is a two-way street is important when talking about sexual satisfaction with your partner.

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You only need to make a few tweaks to enjoy a more powerful orgasm. When people are looking to spice up their sex lifethere's one thing that usually comes to mind: throwing out common sex positions in favor of more acrobatic ones. But there's no need to. If the most common sex positions work for you, then keep them in rotation-and consider making a few tiny tweaks to help send your pleasure-meter through the roof.

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We women are so good at serving others. Putting our family's needs before our own feels like second nature. Day in and day out, we automatically say, "It's my pleasure," as we cook, clean, shop, and care for our partners and kids or moms and dads and bosses.

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When it comes to having sexit should be a two-way street. Even if an orgasm isn't achieved, as sometimes is the case, it doesn't mean that sex can't be pleasurable and extremely satisfying. I mean, that is the point after all, isn't it?

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I love masturbating, and there's a good chance that you probably enjoy pleasuring yourselftoo. In fact 4 out of 10 women prefer masturbating to sex. I know— really.

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Everyone loves sex, right? But hooking up with an old or new partner can be, well, overwhelming sometimes. Here, experts describe the 22 sexiest spots worth paying extra attention to. You know how good it feels when someone plays with your hair?

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You hate to admit that to yourself, let alone your partner. No Spam Privacy Policy We will not sell your info. We are like water.

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Tap into the erotic power of your pair. When touched and teased the right way, your boobs can help you better enjoy sex—enhancing your arousal and priming your body for more explosive orgasms. In fact, when your nipples are sexually stimulated, those sensations travel to the same areas of the brain that respond to genital stimulation, according to research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. And how can you incorporate those things into your day and into your sex life?


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