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Skip to Content. In the lives of many young people, that person [responsible for curbing bad behaviour] is a parent. What if the whole family is along for the ride, with photographers and TV crews watching from the sidelines?

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By Kristie Lau. A mother of two has told of how she breastfeeds her two sons who are aged three and five. Jamie Lynne Grumet, 26, has appeared on the cover of Time magazine breastfeeding her three-year-old Aram as he stands on a small seat to reach her.

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For whatever reason, I found this rather interesting — and I hope you do as well. I kept my clothes on, which was quite bizarre. I lost a lot of work by not disrobing completely.

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Lynne says she knew that Britney was having sex at age 14 with her year-old boyfriend, but she turned a blind eye to it because she thought that dating an older boy would help make Britney more popular. Is it any wonder that Britney ended up in a mental ward and her younger sister ended up pregnant at 16? After the Mickey Mouse Club, Britney spent a year at high school in her home town of Kentwood, Louisiana, where she is said to have lost her virginity at the home of her footballer boyfriend.

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Several years ago, during an interview with a homeopathic doctor for an ailment of mine, she mentioned she still breastfed her 5-year old son. I backed out of her office as if she were a crazed circus clown gunman, never to return again to that wackjob. First, her sons Aram and Samuel have no separation anxiety.

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There are a few sports like beach volleyball, diving and swimming where athletes wear as little clothing as professional wrestlers, but none of those have storylines written by a creative staff constantly looking at ratings. Famous people also like to be naked and we like to look at them which probably explains why celebrity nudity is one of the largest adult entertainment website and magazine genres. Now that those little boys were older and starting to like girls, WWE went through a puberty of its own and began experimenting with its content.

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Sign in. I do not guarantee the accuracy of this list, if a source referenced them as such I took them at their word. Actress RED.

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