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On 3 AugustRector Martin Thrower was sentenced to four months in prison suspended for 24 months for filming a teenager who was using a public toilet in a shopping centre. This clearly stipulates that the offence is only committed when the person being observed or filmed is doing a private act. Clearly the act carried out by Thrower fits neatly into the definition of the Act.

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Sometimes, a picture can say a thousand words…this is one of those times. The picture below came Thursday via text from my friend Matt:. I was sitting in my office when that gem came through.

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A page document published on Tuesday evening details disturbing but unconfirmed allegations that President-elect Donald Trump has been deeply connected with Russian government agents, who sought to influence the November election in his favor. The hotel was known to be under FSB control with microphones and concealed cameras in all the main rooms to record anything they wanted to. Which, ultimately, invites the curious reader to ask: What is the science of the golden shower?

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There was that trip to London and Malta in May, as you may recallwhich now seems so long ago. I took a lot of pictures with an eye to sharing them here, and was worried that the show might be over. Surprisingly, as I was there on May 26, Balenciaga is not only still on, it runs until next February Even the curators could not explain how some costumes worked before seeing the X-rays.

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It might be time to talk about Paris. In Paris, I felt like a fraud. Traveling is thumbing through a catalogue of cults we cannot join.

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Urolagnia also urophiliagolden shower and watersports is a paraphilia in which sexual excitement is associated with the sight or thought of urine or urination. The term has origins in the Greek language from ouron — urine, and lagneia — lust. Urolagnia is a paraphilia.

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He was rather nonchalant about it, and said, 'Oh, it was designed by the interior design firm that decorated our restaurant. It's just supposed to be funny. About three months after this incident, Lee was distressed again to spot a similar public bathroom sign in another restaurant - this time near Gangnam Station.

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Photo by Cydney Scott. Smartphones are convenient, pocket-sized gadgets that allow users to snap pictures or record videos on the fly, and in the wrong hands they can be dangerously invasive devices—especially on a college campus. That was the case early Friday morning when a woman showering at Warren Towers spotted an iPhone on the floor, apparently recording her.

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Voyeurism is the sexual interest that one has towards people engaged in intimate behaviours. It can be also defined as the habit of spying on people doing actions that are usually considered to be of a private nature, such as engaging in sexual activity or undressing. In voyeurism, the person who is being observed may not be related in any way with the voyeur.


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