Sakura kissing ino

sakura kissing ino
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She had hoped she'd be able to get by with just chakra control, but realizes that won't be the case. Sakura sadly asks Ino why it is that boys try so hard. The two exchange blows and insults, but neither girl uses her full strength because of the friendship they had in the past. Ino met Sakura one day while Sakura was hunched over, crying from being bullied again. Sakura taunts Ino for trying to use her Mind-Body Switch Technique, knowing it would only work on a perfectly stable target and that missing would essentially cost her the match, but Ino pretends to use it anyway. Sakura is surprised, but Ino says that she specifically researched to find the spot of Sakura and Sasuke's first date and that Sakura shouldn't underestimate how far Ino is willing to go for her.

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Lainey. Age: 23.
sakura kissing ino

Exhausted and out of options, the two girls clash once more, punching each other in the face and resulting in a double-knockout.

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Savannah. Age: 32.
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Slipper Orchid (NC-17)

InoSaku Profile Picture Suggestions: 2 messages. Ino expresses her anger and annoyance with Sasuke when she learns of Sakura's crush. She recalls her childhood friendship with Sakura and how much she cared for the other girl. Her ninjutsu and taijutsu are also exceptional.

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