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Lip liner is one of those ubiquitous beauty products that we always seem to have lying on top of our bedroom vanities or taking up prime real estate inside our makeup bags. We know that it works great as a barrier to keep lipstick from bleeding and that it can even be worn on its own as a lip color. But we haven't been convinced to make lip liner a part of our daily routine, until now.

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The vermilion border sometimes spelled vermillion borderalso called margin or zone, is the normally sharp demarcation between the lip and the adjacent normal skin. It is where lipstick is sometimes applied. It represents the change in the epidermis from highly keratinized external skin to less keratinized internal skin.

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This year, we decided to devote four issues to celebrating, investigating, and having a lot of fun with a single feature — and for Septemberwe went with lips. It is our humble hope that these four guides this one, plus skin, hairand eyes are ones you won't part with. They're packed with the absolute best products, salon and spa recommendations, serious inspiration, and as you will find below, the best expert tips.

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According to physiognomists or the face scientists who are experts at reading facial cues, the shape of your lips can also convey your distinct characteristics. You use your lips for talking, eating, smiling, and kissing. You were born with this feature because it is connected to who you really are.

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Your lip shade and how you apply it can either pull the whole look together or break it apart. While choosing the right lipstick is essential it is also important to know that no two women have the same lip shape, so the technique and shades used also differ from one lip to the other. Having a few makeup tricks up your sleeves can totally transform your look.

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Lip pencil colour should be in the same family as the lipstick colour unless a stronger definition and difference is desired. Use the correct pressure — if you are too light you will tickle or irritate yourself and it will be harder to create a line, if you press to hard, however, you will move the lips. Thin lips.

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The dreaded "trout pout" gave lip fillers a bad name, however with the right doctor not only is that overdone look completely avoidable but the right procedure can take years off your appearance. Your lips start to thin and lose definition from your early 30s and by your late 30s results can be obvious, particularly in smokers. Thankfully help is at hand with our advice for achieving a perfect pout.

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L ook in the mirror, under your nose. Some are more pronounced, peaked at two sharp points. Others are virtually flat.

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If you have lips like this, it means you're pretty even-keeled in relationships. You'll do just fine and won't go overboard when it comes to drama or giving too much. You're not needy or clingy, but you do crave a sense of connection in relationships. An Injected Fuller Upper Lip: In Chinese face reading, if you change your face, you throw off your system, thereby changing your destiny.


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