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to love ru momo ice cream
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And this makes the club believe that Rito had kidnapped her and was doing perverted thing to her, weighing this making crazy and began to look for her. The club members are essentially all luckless losers who are in love with Momo, but decided not to fight among each other, and decided to love her equally together. This, however, received an even more abnormal reaction from them, and they found great sensation and pleasure just being punished by her. Sign In Don't have an account? This organisation debuted in the chapter 17 of To Love-Ru Darkness, in a meeting where they found the club and confirm Momo's age it is the same as Nana's age because they are twins and her three sizes.

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Dakota. Age: 28.
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They gave Momo the yukata that she wore and was asked if they could accompany with her although they ceased when they saw that Rito accompanied with her.

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Leona. Age: 32.
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Venus Momo Club

In this opportunity the organisation would appear to serve Momo for doing several action of manners as opening doors, cleaning the path, helping to carry books, and others. It does not help that Yui Kotegawa 's tsundere attitude often brings up Rito during moral committee meetings to accuse him of being as dangerous as the Principal. She quickly grew very annoyed by their constant watch and them obnoxiously forming blockades around her and preventing her from seeing Rito or any of her friends, or advance The Harem Plan.

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