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There are large-chested women out there who are very "meh" about anything involving their breasts. Plain and simple, don't freak if it happens. A good way to tell if a girl wants you to play with her tits is if she puts your hands on them. If you suck on our boobs frequently, there's a chance we might lactate. Some of us are really not sensitive there at all, so don't get upset if we don't moan.

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Melissa. Age: 21.
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Believe it or not, it's possible for women to carry some tension up top.

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Kate. Age: 28.
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12 Things We REALLY Wish Guys Knew About Playing With Our Boobs

It's true for both women who have had kids and women who haven't. If she's trying to seduce you and if she does this, chances are she wants you to play with her breasts a bit. Focusing in on the nipples doesn't do much when you're ignoring the rest of us. If you are into that idea , there's no problem with at least broaching the subject.

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