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While we have visual evidence of other, current American Idol scandals - such as Ramiele Malubay posing lewd with friends and David Hernandez working as a nude gay stripper - the following is nothing but a rumor at the moment:. The National Enquirer is reporting that someone is shopping Amanda Overmyer nude photos around the Internet. While there are no pictures to speak of at the moment, the celebrity gossip tabloid claims the individual that possesses them hails from Amanda's home state of Indiana.

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Wow this is a great theory, but I wonder where The redemption of Hans fits in! Mace Widu is down there!????? So that voice was not Asoaka??

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Amanda Overmyer is a rock singer of a nurse. And she wants to be our next American Idol! From Mulberry, Indiana, this motorcycle chick Including Amanda herself.

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