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Okay, I know, the title is a bit overboard, but after trying to come up with a better way to put it, well, I just couldn't. I didn't always feel this way. When you have the luxury of John Stockton leading your team for two decades, who wouldn't love it?

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Josh Framm gets the ball in transition and pushes it down the floor while a defender guards him tightly. The ball hits him square on the nose. Miraculously, though, year-old Josh is able to catch the errant basketball.

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What the hell is this crap? Hard to believe this is a Lon Kruger coached team. They looked lost, they can't defend, tonight they can't even score.

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The storylines are force-fed, the on-court product is atrocious and the intrigue is non-existent. I love the game of basketball, I play it, I watch it, I study it, I absolutely love it. Here are 10 reasons why March Madness sucks.

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The coaches dress like principals. What are we supposed to do, print them all out ourselves? Well, it was better for me: I grew up loving Old Easts, and hating the Royals and others.

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We all love basketball. Our way of life. It has offered us some unforgettable moments, unforgettable emotions.

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Not really, because the iPhone 1 is a slower, less exciting, and less functional version of the iPhone 5s. Television ratings, merchandise value, and ticket sales all validate this statement:. Women have every right to play professional basketball and have every right to have it televised.

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Taking up the same position as Geno Auriemma on many issues can be a dicey proposition. After all, this is the guy who basically engaged in a holy war with legendary Tennessee coach Pat Summittculminating in the Vols and UConn discontinuing their annual rivalry game. It really is. There's only like 10 teams in the top 25 that play the kind of basketball that you like to watch.