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This study is an examination of homonegativism in sport as described by lesbian collegiate athletes. Analysis of the homonegtive experiences of these athletes revealed three mechanisms inherent in homonegativism in sport. These were a discomfort with females who do not conform with the traditional feminine gender-role, b application of the lesbian label, and c distancing from the lesbian label.

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Data sharing is not applicable to this article as no datasets were generated or analyzed during the current study. In comparison to their heterosexual peers, lesbian, gay, and bisexual LGB student-athletes encounter substantial challenges during their intercollegiate and professional athletic careers including detrimental stereotypes, harassment, and discrimination. Such non-inclusive environments promoted throughout the current Western culture of sport are notably associated with higher incidences of mental health and substance use disorders among LGB athletes across youth, collegiate, and professional sports.

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In recent years, dozens of women athletes have come out as gay and of course one very famous athlete came out as a trans woman, but this development is relatively new. Women who came out before the last few years risked everything to do so: their endorsements, their fans, their spots on their teams, their livelihoods, and sometimes even their own lives. The criteria is solely that they are LGBTQ and that they made a significant impact in both sports and queer culture.

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Four years ago, at a bar in Brooklyn, I cried a few drunken, happy tears watching soccer titan Abby Wambach, fresh off a World Cup win, run ecstatically toward the stands to kiss her then-wife, Sarah Huffman. Wambach, one of the best players of all time, would be retiring from the game with a 5—2 win over Japan and yet another coveted title under her belt. For one thing, a lot of the players look like the kinds of hot mean girls with ponytails who both intimidated and titillated me in my closeted youth. A few days before the World Cup finals, President Donald Trump hijacked the National Mall to stage his 4th of July rally, as a monument to white American exceptionalism and supremacy.

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We now live in a time where athletes are not as scared to come out. Some even feel it is part of their duty to help younger LGBT athletes realize they can dream big and have role models to look up to. Whether these lesbian athletes are stars in the realms of soccer, basketball, or tennis, their personal stories and advocacy for gay rights make them inspirations for sports fans all over the world.

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While Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy are in the spotlight as the first openly gay men to compete for the U. Olympic team, there are a numerous lesbian and bi women athletes to watch as well during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. According to Outsports, the Winter Olympics has the largest number of out gay, lesbian, and bi athletes of any winter Olympic games, with 15 openly gay and bisexual Olympians.

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To print the story please do so via the link in the story toolbar. Women as a whole have faced many obstacles in the world of sports. They have been forced to undergo sex testing to prove they are indeed females, for instance.

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But over time, I lost touch with my inner sporty girl. I accepted the invite, but I had no idea how special that day would end up being. I had never seen anything like it; it was like an all-lesbian reboot of your local sports bar on any given Sunday.

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While talking about LGBT people is a huge welcome in sports, the far more complicated experiences of lesbian female athletes have been massively tamed. But there have been many female athletes who had the courage to risk everything, right from their fans, endorsements to livelihoods and come out as gay. Interestingly, the legend called the affair a mistake and went back into the closet because of losing all her endorsements in a single day post the revelation.

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Or did Fox Sports just not know? Were they fearful of outing an athlete? For some of these couples you need to read between the lines, or pick up on the subtle and not-so-subtle cues. Their Instagram accounts leave nothing in doubt.


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