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We were told that sex was transactional, something you provided your lawfully wedded husband in exchange for the security and comfort of family life. Needless to say, like most young women who came of age after the sexual revolution, I defied that bargain. Sex is fun, Mom.

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Because of the DSK and Schwarzenegger scandals, there has been probably more than enough public consideration in the last week or two of questions like: Are powerful men pigs and if so, why? But I have yet to see any discussion of a related and relevant question: Why are powerful women so seldom sexually predatory? One, there are not now, and throughout history have never been, enough powerful women to make meaningful comparisons.

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May Posted by drmarkgriffiths. In my previous blogs I have examined various human-animal sexual relationships including zoophiles that have sexual relationships with horseslizardsdolphinsbirds and insects.

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Female pigs' reproductive systems recognize whether a sperm will produce a boy or a girl before it reaches and fertilizes the egg, and their oviducts fallopian tubes change in response. Scientists think this may be a way females unconsciously influence the sex of their offspring. The findings, reported in the open access journal BMC Genomicsshow that different genes are active in female pigs' reproductive system cells in experimental conditions when all X female or all Y male sperm are present. Although in nature, the ratio would normally bethis suggests females might be able to change the environment of the oviduct to favor one sex over the other, giving that sperm a better chance of winning the race to the egg.

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In fact, I almost withheld the question, but felt it was one that really needs to be asked. There are many gifts and abilities that God bestowed upon animals that he denied humans. According to Swine Genetics International, a boar male pig can experience orgasms lasting from 5 to 15 minutes not seconds.

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By Naomi Schaefer Riley. Men are pigs. That could easily be the conclusion after reading two popular stories going around online this week.

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One splendid July day five years ago, during the last presidential campaign when the bar of civility rested comfortably above the waist, I traveled to New Hampshire to interview Republican candidate Mitt Romney for a magazine piece. Before my sit-down with the governor and his wife, there was a photo shoot, and at the request of the photographer I stood back quietly, out of the way. The entourage chuckled.

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I thought that was a rather bold statement — more than microaggression. My female colleague was looking me right in the eye and firing away, boldly. It occurred to me, in that moment of suspended time that occurs when people make surprisingly offensive comments, that if I were to venture such a bold statement about the female of the species I would most certainly be out of a job before the sun set on my patriarchal behind.

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Some say that depositing the sperm closer to the cervix gives Y chromosome-carrying sperm a better chance to reach the egg first. Another urges would-be moms to eat a more acidic diet if they want to have a girl. Much of the advice focuses on how to give sperm carrying either an X or Y chromosome some sort of advantage, but for the most part, none of it has been validated by science.

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Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture [1] is a book by Ariel Levy which critiques the highly sexualized American culture in which women are objectifiedobjectify one another, and are encouraged to objectify themselves. Levy refers to this as " raunch culture. According to Levy, raunch culture is a product of the unresolved feminist sex wars — the conflict between the women's movement and the sexual revolution. The s saw the ever-growing sexualization of the media, with raunchiness emerging in the overlapping interfaces of music, TV, video, and advertising.


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