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I personally start to look like I'm developing a dreadlock in whatever section of my hair my partner's jizz ends up landing, and while dreadlocks are generally awesome, semen-induced dreadlocks are not. Everything gets under those things, and unfortunately, that includes the slimy, lotion-semen goop we were talking about earlier. That said, whether you're into it or not, having your partner ejaculate on your face when neither of you is expecting it can be gross for you and awkward AF for them. I mean, I'd feel horrible if one of my partners freaked out about getting my lady wetness on their hands, so why be disgusted by semen? When you're giving a hand job, you can work up quite a sweat from all that work your bicep is getting. This is why it's really smart to keep a towel handy if your HJ is planned — but as you probably already know, if you're being spontaneous with those hands of yours, post-handy clean up can be both gross and super awkward.

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Arielle. Age: 24.
cum on my hair

Here are eight gross things that happen during hand jobs that prove they are basically heroic.

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Cum in Hair Porn Videos

Great for your arms — not so great for your armpits. Fortunately, enduring a surprise shot of cum to the face is a gross aspect of giving hand jobs that can be dealt with quickly. Again, this isn't a big deal if you're at your apartment and you can just jump up post-hand job to change — but if you're away from home, this really, really sucks.

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