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She was wearing matching white lace panties and I dragged my finger across her pussy over the thin fabric. And I don't want to do that again, I don't want another boy doing that to me. Her orgasm seemed to last for minutes as she squirmed against me, forcing my fingers deeper, until she gradually slumped back onto her chair and relaxed. Cindy was just a couple of months past her eighteenth birthday and was an incredibly sexy yet innocent looking girl. John had obviously spent too much time drinking beer and not enough time exercising unlike me because he had a substantial paunch.

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I saw a contented look on her pretty face and her eyes were half closed with a half smile on her red lips.

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Her gasps became faster when I started to rub the inside of her pussy, my finger sliding across her g-spot in a gentle rhythm. Her pussy was clamped around my finger but I managed to slip in a second finger and continued to fuck her while she groaned and moaned above me. I explained what had happened, and that I didn't know why Cindy had left early, but that I could look after Cindy until they came home later. Taking my chance I swiveled the chair in which she was sitting so that she was no longer facing the table and I stood in front of her.

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