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One of Lake's most memorable and controversial confrontations happened during the first season, when she found herself dealing with Reverend Fred Phelps in a show that involved targeting anyone who carries the AIDS virus and why they deserve to die. The methodology for securing guests on the show, common to many shows similar to it, was as such: Producers would brainstorm and come up with a show title or theme. The year-old talk-show prodigy talks to Hester Lacey". However, if the guest or guests lied to the producers prior to coming on air, they were forced off the set and their travel arrangements cancelled. Ricki Lake promo photo, This article is about the series that aired — There was even a practical joke show where people would go into a restaurant and have to take off a piece of clothing every time they got a part of the meal.

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ricki white twitter

He played a waiter who would make the guests take some of their clothing off for their meal.

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At times, the guests would find out that someone else had been listening to their confession while they were on stage or in the audience. A majority of the shows had surprises waiting in store for the guests, which were revealed by a doorbell ringing if a guest didn't come clean about themselves. The show specialized in sensationalist topics involving invited guests and incorporated questions and comments from a studio audience.

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