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the land before time chomper
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Before her death, she is Littlefoot's teacher and caregiver , and introduces the story's principal themes. The producers of the original film had difficulty deciding on a voice for the character until it was suggested by Steven Spielberg's son, Max, that he sound similar to Digit from the previous Don Bluth movie, An American Tail. He reappears in the 14th movie Journey of The Brave , where he is trapped near a volcano and is hurt. They are sexually dimorphic, with Chomper's father being dark green and his mother having an olive green color. His only appearance was in the first film. They show scientific knowledge exceeding that attributed to other characters. Shorty bullies Littlefoot at first; he antagonizes him until Littlefoot decides that he can be his adopted older brother, and Shorty accepts.

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Both of them have short-term memory loss and are motivated by impulsive needs.

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The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure

She is voiced by Susan Blu. Archived from the original on April 5, Other characters include the families of the main characters, the residents of their home, the Great Valley, and outsiders to the Great Valley.

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