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Dick began to get obsessed with finding them, not knowing how far he was willing to go to take them down. They part on good terms, though before he departs Dick leaves her an envelope containing a photograph of them as Robin and Batgirl, along with the engagement ring on a chain and a note promising he'll come back to her one day. Due to a crisis of conscience, Dick adopts the new villainous persona of Renegade in order to infiltrate Lex Luthor 's Secret Society of Super-Villains. These clubs also have the capability to be linked together as well as grow in size to make a staff, as depicted in many series, such as Teen Titans and Young Justice Robin uses these weapons. Dick found out Cheyenne was a fashion designer from a friend of his from Bludhaven.

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At one point, Dick agrees to attend a party for Bruce and their relationship seems to flourish.

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Esther. Age: 31.
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It was again explained that Nightwing was originally intended to die in Infinite Crisis , and that you can see the arc that was supposed to end with his tragic death in the series. As Jezebel's capture is revealed to be a red herring , due to her being a part of the Black Glove, Nightwing's lobotomy is still pending, but he manages to escape by besting Le Bossu, and joining the fray between the Batman Family, the International Club of Heroes and the Black Glove itself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, Nightwing's glider is shot down, and the two are forced to crash land into a skyscraper.

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