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Type two: Quiet, respectful, kind souls who only want to go to school and go home. Then there are the ones that realise they are not the shit and give proper respect to upperclassmen. Tends to travel in large packs for protection. Most of the freshman I'm talking about are usually in the 9th grade in high school. Jackie ends up flunking her freshman year, ended up with an STD and gets knocked up by her "ex-boyfriend".

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Chelsea. Age: 32.
freshman ass

Andrea: Ok then, have it your way then, but don't come crying to me when you end up alone, possibly pregnant and a STD.

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Valerie. Age: 32.
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There are two types of Freshman. Others, though, enter highschool with the " I'm better than you " mentality that earns a freshman nothing but well deserved bullshit. Upperclassmen steps in and proceeds to beat the shit out of freshman 1. Then, there's those few whorish young freshman who look 18 and go cock hunting.

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