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They can't share, which usually leads to their deaths. He is a horrible parent who has strangely never had Cub taken away from him by the Child Protection Agency. Nutty is notorious for stealing candy from children and eating children who dress up as candy. Even when other characters are around, they don't even notice Sniffles being tortured. However, he still appears in the show by becoming a stalker and making random appearances in episodes. He thinks that Giggles is hotter than Paris Hilton. Many people just feel sorry for this poor retarded moose and like to give him more chances.

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Riley. Age: 27.
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Mondo Mini Shows has recently announced that Happy Tree Friends will be made into a live-action movie which is expected to hit theaters January 1,

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Charlize. Age: 23.
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His wife has either left him or has died and strangely not returned to life. The pickle goes around killing random characters and making it look like Lammy did it. He thinks that Giggles is hotter than Paris Hilton. Sniffles usually dies the most torturous deaths in the show, because his high intelligence gives him extra amounts of pain receptors.

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