Lapis and peridot kiss

lapis and peridot kiss
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Using the same picture twice. Edited by ImpalerWrG , August 12, Lapis doesn't need a romantic relationship, espicially since she just got out of an abusive one. And they might be fired for it. I mean surely they wouldn't want to spoil anything. So Peridot being freaked out and clinging to Lapis like she does with Steven makes Lapidot romantic?

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Gia. Age: 32.
lapis and peridot kiss

Sure Lapis may still have some left over resent towards for her abrash attitude towards Peridot but it can also be she simply doesn't express friendship towards Peridot as enthusiastically as Peridot express it to Lapis does to her.

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Julissa. Age: 28.
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Lapis & Peridot: POWER COUPLE!

It make a great web mini-series. Using the same picture twice. Lapos needs to find herself, and not rely on others for strength, same with Pearl. Peridot: Let me just check on Lapis to see if she's alright

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