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But it appears that the company also has an epidemic of false negatives—allowing an abundance of porn to slide through on an hourly basis. Yet many other blogs have been able to post explicit content up to today. Reposting content from other sites, such as an explicit GIF, was not flagged. We examined about a dozen Tumblr blogs that violated the ban—and likely could have found many more, since every click on a reposted image led to a previous source blog with yet more NSFW content. And, as has been made abundantly clear, content-recognition software in general is limited in its ability to flag forbidden content without snagging allowed forms of expression such as artwork or totally innocuous images.

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Since announcing the NSFW ban, Tumblr and its parent company Verizon have faced harsh criticism for the performance of its image recognition algorithms.

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New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system. We contacted Tumblr now owned by Verizon for its explanation, and shared screenshots from the iOS app and links to much of the content we found online. In January, for instance, police in Sarasota, Florida, arrested year old Seth Smith for hosting 49 images of child pornography on his Tumblr account.

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