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Wal-Mart jumped into the DRM-free pool with a big slash yesterday, as the retailer began selling high quality MP3s from major labels, at a price that undercuts iTunes. The thinking seems to be that the major labels can finally stop the iTunes juggernaut by flooding the market with affordable, high-quality, iPod compatible music. While the plan sounds good in theory, it remains to be seen whether it will actually work.

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Just about every other week, MTV was coming out with a new video from some godawful rap-rock group. All the songs sounded the same, too, like the entrance music for whatever new guy was joining the NWO that week. There was no interactive channel listing.

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Everyone knows that feeling when you come across something that had been lost or put away for so long, you had completely forgotten it existed. Well the other day I stumbled across an old mp3 player. This gem I found had not been used in a solid 8 years, but was still in good shape so I plugged it in to discover that it was also still functional.

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All wavs on this page were sampled at 8 bit mono 11Khz and all mp3s on this page were sampled at 80kbs 44Khz. Joe Trey Parker : "You in the robes, put down the weapon of mass destruction and get on the ground. You're under arrest.

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Buy sounds previous play pause next autoplay mute unmute. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Body Sounds eating

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Dolphins are so intelligent! Do you know what they can do in few weeks in a dolphinarium? They can train a man to stand at the edge of the pool and throw them fish three times a day!

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Download or listen to voice quotes and sound clips sampled from the movie Kung Fu Panda All waveform samples are in. Buy Blu-ray on Amazon.

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This included some need-to-know vocabulary, as well as a bunch of phrases that you could use when cooking. The more exposure to correct sentences you get, the more you start to understand how the language works. Cutting the onions.

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Turns out a giant indoor hockey rink, complete with an icy underground sea, has been sucked up into the building. Here you can investigate all sorts of ads — and learn about the different techniques advertisers use to try to persuade people to buy their product. Some techniques are easy to spot — and some are not!


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