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Hey guys, Samurai here. This selection is no exception. Warnings and Other Objectionable Content: Hoo, boy.

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You could also do it yourself at any point in time. Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? We have created a browser extension.

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I see you finally got round to watching this, good to know someone else enjoyed it as much as I did. Now would someone buy a fucking hot dog? Yet another title that had been relegated to the darkest regions of my hard drive, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi MSAA had initially struck me as a cutesy, but good looking kids show. Oh boy, how wrong could I be?

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Genre: Fantasy Comedy. Where to start, where to start… This anime is terrible. There is really no other way to put it.

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This was back before Netflix was basically only used to stream stuff, oh no, back in the day you used to rent DVDs from them through actual snail mail. During this time I had a lot more free time than I do now so I would just pick anime at random to watch, thats how I found one of my all time favorite series: Azumanga Daioh. So I figured, what the heck, and rented it.

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Every Wednesday at 3pm PT. Every Friday at 3PM! Every Friday.

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A manga adaptation, authored by Satoru Akahoriwas published in English by Tokyopop ; the Tokyopop version of the manga is out of print as of August 31, While he was away from the palace, Masayuki often asked Seimei to stay by his wife's side, guarding her and keeping her company. However, during the time that they spent together, Mune and Seimei fell in love and became increasingly romantically involved. Unbeknownst to them, Masayuki soon learned of the affair, and became overcome with grief and jealousy.

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Via Paypal Via Amazon Login. Re: Biggest boobs in anime. Link by ice on

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And then all of a sudden…. Something, whether good or bad, happens that just blows your mind and leaves you looking just like this:. Oh crap! What are we going to do, Goku?!


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