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First-time user? Click on the button below to learn how to use the Donor Sibling Registry. Want to learn more about finding your family?

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This page is for sperm donors — to provide support and resources for donors, as well as information about sperm donation. Facts Views Vis Obgyn,7 2 : On average, 18 years had elapsed since the respondents donated sperm.

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This study explores the attitudes and experiences of 57 sperm donors who responded to a survey posted online in the United States and indicated that they had had contact with their donor-conceived offspring or the parents of their donor-conceived offspring. On average, 18 years had elapsed since the respondents donated sperm. In the interim between donating and having contact with offspring, most had become curious about their offspring.

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In NSW there are babies born every year who were conceived as a result of assisted reproductive technology treatment using donated gametes either as sperm, eggs or embryos created from donated gametes. Prior to the commencement of the Assisted Reproductive Technology Act ART Act on 1 January there was no process to support the disclosure of information about the people involved in this process. This has meant that many individuals who were born as a result of ART treatment using donated gametes have been unable to identify a biological parent or obtain information about their genetic heritage and background, which has been distressing for some and occasionally created medical and social dilemmas. The ART Act established the Central Register to support information about donor conceived people, donors of gametes, parents and siblings of children who are donor conceived and those born through surrogacy arrangements, and to give donors and donor offspring greater opportunity to access information about each other.

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KnownDonorRegistry is a free community resource and social media platform built around the need of thousands of alternative families and infertile couples to build their families as they choose, specifically with the use of known sperm and egg donors or active co-parents. Read more in About Us. There are a lot of things to consider and learn about when embarking on the journey to parenthood, especially when that route is not "traditional.

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The choice to turn to reproductive services for help in your quest to conceive is an important decision whether as the sperm donor or the one undertaking artificial insemination and one that is certainly not made without careful consideration of all the factors involved. As a top sperm bank, California Cryobank's mission is to help our clients realize their dream in the safest, most prepared manner possible. Every step of the way, every part of the process is presented to our clients with experience behind it - with clarity and expert guidance.

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Sperm donor anonymity is dead, according to a campaigner for the rights of donor-conceived children. Cracking the secrecy around the identity of sperm donors used to be a difficult task, as IVF clinics were reluctant to disclose confidential information about their donors and the donors were averse to meeting their offspring. Today, however, sperm donors will find it almost impossible to evade detection, despite all the assurances given to them by IVF clinics and sperm banks.

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Kianni Arroyo clasps 8-year-old Sophia's hands tightly as they spin around, giggling like mad. It's late afternoon, and there are hot dogs on the grill, bubble wands on the lawn, balls flying through the air. The midsummer reunion in a suburb west of the city looks like any other, but these family ties can't be described with standard labels. Instead, Arroyo, a year-old waitress from Orlando, is here to meet "DNA-in-laws," various "sister-moms" and especially people like Sophia, a cherished "donor-sibling.

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I was, rather, the product of a completely intentional transaction. My father was an anonymous sperm donor. The revelation hit me deeply.

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The Donor Sibling Registry is a website and non-profit US organization serving donor offspringsperm donorsegg donors and other donor conceived people. As of Marchthe site is home to more than 63, members including sperm and egg donors, recipient parents and donor conceived people. The Donor Sibling Registry DSR was founded in to assist individuals conceived as a result of sperm, egg or embryo donation who are seeking to make mutually desired contact with others with whom they share genetic ties. By charging donor conceived people a fee for unreliable information, the DSR has pioneered an international discussion about the donor conception industry and the families, with its research, media appearances, speaking engagements, and interviews.


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