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jerking off in front of strangers
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It isnt "just a penis, not violence", it is the dynamic of the situation and what it means to the parties involved. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. One of your points was a guy jacking off on a bus is more embarrassing for him than traumitizing for the person sat next to him. This honestly wouldn't bother me very much besides making me feel a bit icky. You can have empathy towards both persons without downplaying potential trauma. You're now saying what I want see and I've told you I don't. You do not determine what causes trauma to others.

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Adrienne. Age: 20.
jerking off in front of strangers

We're on a discussion board and I'm making it worse by making a counter point to a post?.

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Ariadne. Age: 28.
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That's not pro-rape but do you actually think that? Regarding the accusations and apologies. Whether or not that's the best term to describe it. This is well-researched and common knowlege in Crisis Intervention on a wide scale, not just individual-based.

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