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At one point, she latched onto Ichigo, who was clearly injured, to the point where he passed out, then latched onto him again. He then explains to her that she doesn't get it as she has forgotten one thing. Her clothing consists of a simple green gown with a hood which covers her entire body. Ichigo then realizes that Nel is actually a Hollow herself and not a Human. Pesche Guatiche Dondochakka Birstanne. When he asks her why she helped him, Nelliel simply tells him that she did not 'help him', she simply prevented the Espada from losing a member by putting an end to his suicidal behavior.

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During this time, Nnoitra would constantly challenge Nelliel to battle; each time she would easily defeat him.

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When Tesra asked why he had to pick on Nelliel and no other Espada, Nnoitra explained that it was because he hated her, some female being able to outrank, be greater than a man on the battlefield; that was his reason. Ichigo screams at him to let her go and rushes to attack him, but Nnoitra counters and throws Nel away in the process. Ichigo asks Nel if he has a weakness and she explains it's water and he asks where they're going to find that. Ichigo questions what he means by broken; Nnoitra explains as he picks Nel up by her head that he is the one who broke her head.

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