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It was posted originally on LetsMakeRobots. BOB knows how to dance on Michael Jackson's music and it is agog to learn more. BOB's head is easy to open with a hinge system, making the cables and batteries accessible for flexible prototyping. This is an attempt This is a tiny, minimalist version of a popular biped robot design. He says when he told his friend about the encounter he admitted to seeing it too. Biped definition, a two-footed animal. Thanks to Kevin Biagini for the design files And so Bob the biped was born.

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Iris. Age: 32.
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Stewart Church of the Befuddled Biped mikerowe.

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Adelina. Age: 28.
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It so happens that 3D printing is a wonderful application for the discipline of robotics. If, you know, realistic evolutionary dynamics applied to sapient living bombs. So I ran right into the house in the middle of the living room and the ignorant biped bitch starts yelling "Charlie!

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